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So on my netbook I have Windows 7, and for some reason the volume function on the taskbar is just wicked slow, so I wanted a quick way to mute, unmute, etc… in a quicker fashion.

Well I found a command line tool that gives you a lot of functions regarding volume, logging off, standby, etc…  So if you grab the program called NirCmd here ( then you can create shortcuts to mute/unmute, raise or lower the volume, etc…

The other option if you have this same issue is to download intellitype and then  you can use some function keys to do the same thing.  I’ve had some issues with this after the computer comes out of hibernation though.  The nircmd stuff seems to always work.

<shrug>  I think what I really want is a mute button on my chrome browser itself.  Pretty much 90% of the time I do not want my browser to make any noise.  I don’t want stupid ads talking to me, or crappy webpage music playing…  I wonder if they’ll add that in for me.

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