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Just for a moment read this article ignoring all the talk of UFO’s.  I actually find this very interesting.

or this one

Okay…so something hits a wind turbine, or it has some sort of structural failure.  Whichever it is, the part that I find interesting is that they can’t find the 3rd blade.  The turbines at this farm are actually a smaller variety as its blade was only around 65 feet long while other turbines I’ve seen have blades well over 150 feet.  Okay… so the part I find interesting… the blade is large and fairly heavy.  Where the hell would it go?  If there was some sort of structural failure and the blade flew off, can’t someone do a quick back of the envelope calculation and figure out the possible distance it could have flown?  Why haven’t they been able to find it?  

Hmmmm…. weird.

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